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My primary focus is on capturing authentic moments that seamlessly align with the creative vision of my clients and team. Throughout the entirety of the shoot, I prioritise cultivating a positive and collaborative environment, ensuring that everyone involved feels at ease and relaxed. My ultimate goal is to deliver the perfect shot, steering clear of overwhelming or trivialising the moment. I cultivate a lighthearted atmosphere, fostering open communication during the shoot and orchestrating natural and authentic situations for all participants.

I am eager to delve into your specific requirements, tailoring my approach to align seamlessly with your unique vision. Whether through a brief meeting or a call, I am open to addressing any questions or concerns you may have. With confidence in my skills, I am poised to contribute to the creation of visually compelling content that reflects the excellence of your company. I look forward to the opportunity to work together and anticipate a successful collaboration on set!


Email: john@johnpatrickfletcher.com | +44 74832 47518


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